I'm accepting donations towards any special equipment's, treatments and enhancements to my accessibility that will improve my quality of life. 

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If you would like to become involved with any fund raising activities. Please get in touch using the contact page .

We are currently raising money for  for a new postural chair and a Wheel chair accessible swing

My Story told by my mummy


Lois Ella Russell was born on 12th December 2007. Following a completely normal pregnancy I went into labour 10 days past my due date. On arrival at hospital it soon became clear that Lois was in distress and that she would need to be delivered immediately by emergency caesarean section. The last thing I remember before being put to sleep was signing a piece of paper and looking forward to meeting our second daughter when I woke up. Little did I know that when awoke a day later, my husband Stuart would be waiting to tell me the devastating news that Lois was in intensive care, being kept alive by machines and having fits.


Before we had a chance to digest what was happening, we were transferred to Luton & Dunstable Special Care Unit as Lois’s needs were too specific for Bedford Hospital at that time.


Whilst in hospital over the course of the following few months we were given a string of hopeless diagnoses and worse case scenarios for what lay ahead. Although Lois started to breath by herself she was unable to feed orally and showed little sign of improvement. We were told to expect the worse, that Lois would be severely physically and mentally disabled


Now 9 years old Lois has been diagnosed with severe spastic quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy (spastic quadriplegia is the most severe type of cerebral palsy, caused by extensive damage to the brain). She is registered blind has and hearing impairment and feeds only through a tube which goes directly into her stomach. She is immobile and non verbal. However, those that know Lois will tell you that her condition, although it presents a huge daily struggle for Lois and our family, is not what defines her. It is Lois’s personality, ability to love and make people laugh, and her infectious smile that Lois is known for.

2016 has been another tough year for Lois and our family, Lois has faced numerous appointments and studies to try and help her complex needs. Unfortunately Lois has now been prescribed home oxygen to support her respiratory difficulties particularly during her bouts of infections.  

Lois Ella Russell